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Atlantic Space in Time

Originally published in the July/August 2002 issue of The Atlantic

Planetary Landscapes

In the last decade, the multimedia artist Michael Benson has staged a series of large-scale exhibitions of planetary landscape photography. He takes raw image data from deep-space missions run by NASA and the European Space Agency and digitally processes it … Continued

Transit of Io

Cassini, January 1, 2001, 2011 Digital C Print 72 x 72 inches, edition of 3 Also available in 50 x 50 inches, edition of 8 Also available in 35 x 35 inches, edition of 8

Global Dust Storm on Mars

Viking Orbiter 2, February 19, 1977, 2003 Digital C Print 27 x 100 inches, Edition of 8


Some of the most beautiful and important photographs ever taken turn out to be images of outer space. These have been able to change, and in many instances form, our ideas about the universe. So it is with a shiver … Continued