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Far Out

A SORT OF DEBATE BETWEEN ARTHUR C. CLARKE AND LAWRENCE WESCHLER ON THE TRUE IMPORT OF SOME AMAZING PICTURES OF, AND FROM, OUTER SPACE. Michael Benson is an American documentary filmmaker (creator of the critically acclaimed “Predictions of Fire, “an … Continued

NYT Hayden Beyond Launch

While images of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn filled a giant screen in the background, speakers ruminated on the topic of interplanetary photography. It resolves specks of distant light into places of astonishing form and beauty, it opens the eyes of … Continued

Images of Space get a Second Look

NEW YORK — Much like paintings of America’s Wild West commissioned by government surveyors became icons that redefined American culture in the 19th century, photographs of alien landscapes taken by the Voyager spacecraft have shaken our sense of self today. … Continued

NPR scott simon

Trawling through the Internet from his home in Slovenia, author Michael Benson stumbled upon some of the most expensive pictures ever taken: Otherworldly images sent back by the spacecraft humankind has launched over the past four decades in an effort … Continued

How Slovenian is it?

by Michael Benson LAIBACH USED TO BE A FORCE to reckon with. To begin with, the band–if you can call this ensemble of sophisticated politico-cultural provocateurs simply a “band”–were the only group from the socialist world ever to make it … Continued